Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Aligning Time Lapses of Stars Using Contextual Information


Holly Chu, Justin Hoogenstryd


Ernie Esser, Post-Doctoral Scholar of Mathematics, University of California Irvine

We propose a method of video stabilization for a video time lapse of stars by utilizing a
contextual shape descriptor to match corresponding stars on different frames. The
descriptor is based from Belongie, Malik, and Puzicha [4] using log-polar bins to mask onto
an image. Contextual landmark tracking is not well used in video stabilization because of
it’s inefficiency and computational expense. By incorporating rotational invariance,
contextual landmark tracking can possibly be proved to be worth the expense for some
examples and extend applicability. While landmark tracking is not commonly used, it can
be proved useful if purely local information is insufficient. Our challenges with the data
were due to points disappearing and reappearing in different frames, rotating off the frame,
and also that each point looked alike. In terms of our rotationally invariant descriptor, we
looked into Bhonsle and Klinsman [2] for their uses of the Fast Fourier Transform. Our
rotationally invariant descriptor takes an initial frame and identifies the same point in
another frame whose points are completely rotated from the original. When we make that
match, it will prove that our solution is effective.

Presented by:

Holly Chu


Saturday, November 17, 2012


3:45 PM — 4:00 PM


Bell Tower 1704

Presentation Type:

Oral Presentation


Computer Science