Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Moving Away from Traditional Relational Values: The Role of Culture, Age and Education on Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence


Dawn Chandler, Yolanda Fulton, Julie Gastelum, Vanessa Sargent


Christy Teranishi Martinez, Associate Professor of Psychology, California State University Channel Islands

Traditional Latino patriarchal values such as marianisma, which emphasizes the value of women being subservient to their partners, and machismo, which supports a spouse’s right to control his partner, contribute to an acceptance of males dominating their female partners. Those who maintain these traditional cultural values may find it difficult to identify situations of intimate partner violence (IPV). However, those who are more educated and of a younger generation may develop a different definition for what constitutes a healthy functional relationship. In the present study, 114 participants (55 Latino, 59 non-Latino, mean age = 32) completed an on-line survey assessing the extent to which culture, age and education play a role in their attitudes toward IPV. An independent t-test revealed that Latino participants rated the various scenarios of IPV as less acceptable than non-Latino participants. Multiple regression analysis indicated that culture, age and education were significant predictors of attitudes toward IPV. More specifically, being Latino and younger predicted more negative attitudes toward IPV, while higher education was related to rating the IPV scenarios as more acceptable or justifiable. Findings suggest that younger Latinos are less accepting of the traditional patriarchal relationships; however, those who are more educated may be more likely to identify, disclose and justify their encounters with IPV. Implications of these findings and suggestions for prevention and intervention will be discussed.

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Yolanda Fulton, Julie Gastelum, Vanessa Sargent , Dawn Chandler


Saturday, November 17, 2012




Broome Library

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Poster Presentation