Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Schedule for Bell Tower 1726

Bell Tower First Floor Bell Tower Room 1302 Bell Tower Room 1422 Bell Tower Room 1424 Bell Tower Room 1462 Bell Tower Room 1491 Bell Tower Room 1494 Bell Tower Room 1602 Bell Tower Room 1611 Bell Tower Room 1621 Bell Tower Room 1642 Bell Tower Room 1684 Bell Tower Room 1688 Bell Tower Room 1704 Bell Tower Room 1726 Bell Tower Room 1726

Oral Presentations, Session 1

Time Presenter Presentation
8:30AM – 8:45AM Daya, Poonim The Effects of Phylogenetic Diversity on Temporal Stability of Community Biomass
8:45AM – 9:00AM Hua, Thuy The Effects of Forced Exercise in a Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
9:00AM – 9:15AM Manes, Brianna Carbon Black and Titanium Dioxide Particulates Differentially Activate ER Stress and Apoptosis in Alveolar Epithelial Cells
9:15AM – 9:30AM Scholl, Amanda Moderate ER stress induces p44/p42 kinase activation and an ITPR-dependent apoptosis

Oral Presentations, Session 2

Time Presenter Presentation
2:00PM – 2:15PM Iezza, Annalise Comparison of DIgital Photography Applications
2:15PM – 2:30PM Vong, Janet Communication Strategies of Politeness and Impoliteness in Online Team-Based Games
2:30PM – 2:45PM Epps, Avriel What Is Rap Really Saying?: A Content Analysis of Pro and Anti-Social Rap Lyric Themes in Traditional and New Media Outlets.
2:45PM – 3:00PM Khetarpal, Ishan Analysis and Design of Novel In Vitro Bistable Toggle Switches
3:00PM – 3:15PM Welker, Thomas Crowd Sourcing Parking Lot Availability

Oral Presentations, Session 3

Time Presenter Presentation
3:30PM – 3:45PM Gonzales, Matthew The Reader as Detective: Intertextuality in Roberto Bolaño's The Savage Detectives
3:45PM – 4:00PM Raftogianis, Kevin The Ontological Argument: From St. Anselm to Kant
4:00PM – 4:15PM Carter Jr. , Marvin Struggling Through Material Objects – A response to Iris Marion Young “Gender as Seriality”
4:15PM – 4:30PM Wong, Nicole How Increased Educational Funding in the 60s Engendered the Hippie Philosophy