Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research

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Poster Session 1

Presenter Presentation Poster Board Location
Chatouphonexay, Jorly Assessing Wolbachia Releases in an Age-Structured Population 1
Wheat, Nickolas Mitochondrial Function in Axotomy-Induced Axon Degeneration 2
powell, alex The reversal of red light-induced gene expression by far red light suggests the presence of a novel phytochrome-like molecule in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. 3
Rohacz, Nicholas Continuous Time Markov Chain Models of Gene Regulatory Networks under the Environmental Stress of Cold Shock in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 5
Perez, Amilcar Identification of the Amino Acid Sequence of the Mature PhrA Signaling Peptide of Streptococcus pneumoniae 6
Nguyen, Tuyen Enhancer in Diease 7
Arnold, Kaylee Examining the Effects of Reservoirs on Population Structure and Dispersal of the Mayfly Baetis tricaudatus by Analyzing Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA 8
Elguera, Guadalupe The parthenogenetic reproduction of Baetis tricaudatus 9
Zacharias, Gregory Isolation of Possibly Significant Chromosomal Contributors to Cadmium Resistance in Selected Drosophila melanogaster 10
Chun Fat, Shelby Alzheimer’s in Drosophila Melanogaster: Testing a Model System 11
De La Torre, Brian Impacts of Discharge on the Woody Plant Communities of the San Gabriel and Tujunga Rivers in the Angeles National Forest 12
Cooper, Megan Coding region polymorphism within the mitochondrial genome of horseshoe crab Limulus Polyphemus 13
Fitzgerald, Gina Cardiovascular Health of Young Adults: A Comparative Study 14
van Loon, Aaron The Effect of the Notch Signal Pathway on the Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase 2 and Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase 2 in Lymphangiogenesis 15
Sidwell, Tiffany Genetic Detection of Harmful Algae Bloom Organisms in the Southern California Coastal Waters 16
Alger, Arlin Investigating Insect Interactions on the Tropical Tree, Pentaclethra macroloba 17
Quides, Kenji Herbivory on Toxic Plants and Gut Microbial Diversity in Tropical Katydids 18
Garcia, Hena Comparative effects of Chlorpyrifos and Diazinon on zebrafish developmental physiology 19
Hole, Natalie Effect of chlorinated organophosphate pesticides on zebrafish developmental physiology 20
Mendes, Daniel Effects of Soil Temperature and Moisture on Stomatal Density and Water Use Efficiency in Pseudotsuga macrocarpa 21
Pellitier, Peter Climate Linked Range Shift in a California Endemic Conifer 22
Kelly, Thomas Megathura Crenulata and its Physiological Response to Blood Loss 23
Treat, Kristen The Hostess with the Mostest: the Effects of Host Tree Leaf Feeding and Light Exposure on Bromeliad Tank pH 24
Dawson, John Quantifying the Effects of Light on Tank Bromeliads 25
Maharaj, Franklin Modeling Leaf Hydraulics in “Tank Bromeliads” 26
Mulato, Gabriela Cloning of RND Pump genes from B. Fragilis into an E. coli Vector 27
Rinaldi, Domenico Antioxidants Effects on Human Cancer Cell Lines 28
Hall, Brenda Effects of Bacterial Manganese Oxidation on Intracellular Manganese 29
Peterson, Thedore Pertinent Genes for Determination of Prokaryotic Phenotype by PCR 30
Alvarado, Sarah Ultrafine Particulates Differentially Induce Reactive Oxygen Species in Fibroblast BHK21 and A549 Human Alveolar Lung Cells 31
Land, Douglas Integrins and Mechanosensitive Ion Channels in Reactive Dilation 32
Decker, Carl A Novel Post-Translational Modification of Core Histone Proteins: Glutathionylation 33
Hoekstra, Nicolette Racial Differences in Level of Trust in Government 34
Muraya, Charity The effect of mesh bagging and visit number on honey bee (Apis mellifera) pollen deposition in seedless watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) 35
Langer, Melissa Effect of Nicotine on Streptococcus mutans Adherence 36
Medina, Karen Physiological analysis of synthesized and natural peptides to confirm the molecular target of cone snail neuroexcitatory peptides 37
Preble, Jason Analysis of habitat utilization by the fish-hunting cone snail, Conus catus 38
De La Cruz, Aubrie Investigation of the Roles of RNA-Binding Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana 39
Sherbina, Katrina Dynamical Systems Modeling of the Cold Shock Response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 40
Harmon, Nicolette A wild species of budding yeast, Saccharomyces paradoxus, is more resistant to cold temperature stress than the domesticated species, Saccharomyces cerevisiae 41
Winterkorn, Margaret The Equine Immune Response to Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis 42
lin, fang-chu The Effect of Cassette Sequence on the Knockdown Efficiency of a Triple tRNA-shRNA Chimera Gene Therapy Vector 43
Olson, Sundee Phi-Analysis of CusF: Alanine-Scanning Mutagenesis to Reveal the Folding Transition State 44
DeSantiago, Lorenzo Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange NMR Reveals the Details of Ligand-Dependent Stabilization in CusF, a Bacterial Copper(I) Chaperone 45
Lee, Brice Analysis of F-T gasoline with Gas Chromatography 46
Gill, Samuel Proteolytic Analysis of G6PD Conformational Changes Induced by NADP Analogue Binding 47
Artmann, Bryan S. Glucose-mediated Catabolite Repression in Sinorhizobium meliloti 48
Paterson, Marissa Screening and Identification of mutated IAPP sequences that inhibit the aggregation of human IAPP 49
Bond, Aleah N-Substituted Oxazolidinones in the Preparation of Functionalized Chiral Auxiliaries Using Wittig Reagents 50
Cota, Paola Screening of a Designed Combinatorial Peptide Library for Inhibitors of IAPP Aggregation 51
Takiguchi, Marisa IAPP Aggregation and Cellular Toxicity are Inhibited by PGG 52
Talbert, Lance “Analysis of Beta Amyloid Peptides by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (HPLC/MS)” 53
Yu, Wai Man Towards a Total Synthesis of Beilschmiedic Acid C 54
Stearns, Julia Amplification of a small enantiomeric excess by preferential co-adsorption. A study of adsorption of N-acetyl Amino acids onto Zeolite NaY by Solid State NMR, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) 55
Sookezian, Anasheh Studies on the Enantioselective Synthesis of DAB-1 56
Shamskhou, Elya Spatially-resolved Sequence Analysis of hit gene in B. bacteriovorus Biofilms 57
Melendez, Juan Computational Investigation of the Rate Determining Step in a Water Oxidation Process involving Mononuclear Ruthenium 58
Cabrera , Bridgett Oxidative crosslinking between tRNA and Protein 59
Carillo, Evelyn Decay of Guanine Radical Produced by the Flash Quench Technique: Dependence Upon Quencher 60
Khorozyan, Christina A System for Comparing Relative Rates of Back Electron Transfer and Crosslinking 61
Li, Yanting Corrosion Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained 5083 Al 62
Hilado, Mark Investigation of Nucleobase Dimers in the Gas Phase 63
Petrillo, Emily C US/China IRES Program: Wireless Communication 64
Mao, Sien Circuit Design for a Prototype Ultrasound Fingerprint Sensor 65
Styler, Kelby Modification of Soil Permeability Using Shredded Rubber 66
Lemmon, Alexander The Application of Shredded Rubber Tire in Construction 67
Sharma, Abhinav Characterization of biomarkers in breast cancer cells with quantum dots and detection of brain tumor cells using SpectroPen 68
Houck, Andrew Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) Fiber Positioner Testbed Development 69
Gutierrez, Oscar Greener Structural Concrete with Recycled Material's 70
FanaeianSeyediTousi, Marzieh Towards a Biomineralized Photocatalyst: Identification of a ZnO-binding Peptide 71
Grino, Michael RF Source Tracking with Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles 73
Soemardy, Adhitya Improving Electrospinning Technique for Better Alignment of Carbon Nanofibers 74
Johnson, Melissa Radio Propagation Models for Pico-cellular Networks 75
Ravi, Rukmini Monitoring corrosion using visible light 76
Deras, Yensi The Use of Solid Phase Change Material as a Strategy for Temperature Mitigation and Improved Efficiency of Solar Panels 77
Dostounian, Saro Math and Music 78
Elbourn, Hunter Thermal Fatigue of Solder Interconnects 79
lagunes, leonila Biomimetic Pattern Recognition in Cancer Detection 81
Chang, Wesley Matrix Completions for Commutativity 82
Ramos, Emily F-test in Microarray Experiments 83
Daniel, Shelby Classification of algebraic surfaces of low degrees 84
Mattick, Lucas Properties of the space of continuous functions on a closed interval 85
Chavez, Jose Lower Bounds on Class Numbers 86
WONG, ZHENG CHUEN Calibration of the Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer 87
Wagner, Caleb A Macroscopic Model of a Liquid Crystal Phase Transition 88
Kennedy, Natalie Measurements on the Anomalous Temperature Dependence of the C44 Shear Modulus for Single-Crystal MnO 89
Hunter, Alexander Jamming of Ice Mélange: Using Particle Rafts to Model Ice Mélange Dynamics 91
Ton, William Radiofrequency Impedance Matching at 1 and 10 Mega Hertz 92
Whitehair, Anne Assessing the Impact of Lactic Acidosis at the Time of Death on the Rate of Development of Rigor Mortis 93
Young, Matt The Spokes Star Cluster in NGC 2264. A Catalog of the Youngest Stars 94
Murillo, Nick Smooth Operations: Turning Vacancies into Cash Flow 95
Ferris, Kevin DRM - Digital Rights Mismanagement 96
Gomez, Jeffrey Tweeting With The Stars 97
Compton, Ashley Case Study of the Impact of the Hip Hop Music Industry on the Labor Market Outcomes of African American Women 98
Lin, Wan-Hsuan Minnie Impact of Culture on Taiwanese Children’s Social Development and Emotion Regulation 99
Abate, Eliezer The Geography of War 100
Shah, Priyanka Assessment of Concurrent Hyperglycemia and Lactate Elevation with Hospital Outcomes in Emergency Department Sepsis Patients 101
Chico, Madonna A Cell Phenotype based Assay on a Biomaterial Matrix for Identification of Genes and Factors in Stem Cell Tissue Regeneration 102
Liu, Connie CSF-1R Mediated Inhibition of Alternatively Activated Macrophages to Augment Androgen Receptor Blockade Therapy 103
Townsend, Brian Fracture joints shows extension of the Mojave block acted as a conduit for initiation of the Garlock fault 104
Leeper, Robert Probing California's Coastline to Unearth Traces of Paleotsunami 105
De Lira, Carla KaleidoscopeLA: Experiential Cartography of Urban Daily Life 106
Kim, Grace Impact of Gender, Ethnicity, and Attitude on High School Students' Comprehension of Science. 107
Sanford, Eve Striping Spring Street 108
Harmon, Lydia Structural geology taxonomy of outcrop deformation developed for oil and gas industry 110
Defigueiredo, Julia Vesicle analysis of Sheep Creek Range flows points to tectonic tilting 111
Ramirez, Gloria Sustainable Seafood Survey 112
Huang, Debbie Yan Qun Associations between Smoking and Major Adverse Cardiac Events in Women 113
Conde, Kristie Biomechanics in Ataxic Horses 114
Ratkovich, Stephen Evaluation of NEXRAD accuracy across climate type 115
Barnhart, Andrew Formation of Beachrock Horizons of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica 116
Smith, Julia The impact of religious beliefs on the attitudes of Foreign Policy 117
Lestak, Robert The effect of negative media on policial cynicism of earmarks 118
Choy, Spencer Attitudes about Forced Sexual Behavior 119
Saldana, Lilian The Role of Gender Identity Salience and Self-Esteem in Math Discounting Among Women STEM Majors 120
Shea, Elizabeth Implicit Intelligence Theories Predict STEM Majors’ Psychological and Behavioral Outcomes 121
Milner, Amanda Expatriate Sociocultural Adjustment 122
Franco, Anais Parent-Child Sex Communication Among African American Fathers Versus Mothers 123
Levin, Jai That Smells Blue! Cultural Differences Between Colour-Odour Associations 125
Capute, Nick Wealth of Well-Being 126
Fulton, Yolanda Moving Away from Traditional Relational Values: The Role of Culture, Age and Education on Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence 127
Insua-Rieger, Sylvana Evolutionary motivators: male and female differences in rating facial attractiveness 128
Lee, Dennis Dark Side of the Moon: Woman Trafficking in China 130
Bedwan, Nadine Facebook, Facebook, On My Wall...: How Facebook Contributes to Narcissistic Personality Disorder 131
Patalano, Andrew Synthesis of Ruthenium Complexes for the Oxidation of Alcohols, Olefins, Sulfides and Amines 132

Poster Session 2

Presenter Presentation Poster Board Location
Liao, Susan piRNA-independent recruitment of Piwi to chromatin leads to piRNA-guided repression of transcription 1
Valencia, Oscar Biogeography of the Genus Ephemerella in Western Montana 2
Dallalzadeh, Liane MicroRNA124-Mediated Regulation of GluA2 in Mouse Hippocampal Neurons and its Role in Basal Synaptic Transmission 3
Hong, Timothy Progress in Transplantation Strategies for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Surgical and Neurochemical Influences on Seizure Threshold 4
Malinchak, Jessica Measuring Abl Kinase Activity Using Silver Nanoparticle-Based Biosensors 5
Stacy, Jenna Observational analysis of male-immature interaction of the Mantled Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata) 6
Liao, Joseph Activated Carbon Adsorption of Tetrodotoxin 7
Sutter, Craig The Effect of UV Radiation on Aggression Levels in Oophaga pumilio, the Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog 8
Huron, Nicholas A Comparison of Auditory and Visual Cues in the Territorial Behavior of the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio) 9
Thompson, Caitlin Construction of Caddisfly (Trichoptera: Hydropsyche betteni) Cases, and Potential Benefits of Leaf Cases. 10
Novella, Nicholas The Effects of Stream Flow on Invasive New Zealand Mudsnail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, Dispersal 11
Yates, Larissa Seasonal variation of leaf traits in a chaparral/ coastal sage scrub environment 12
Alvarez, Lizbeth The Role of Polycomb Proteins in Prostate Cancer Progression 13
Kruger, Jennifer The effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on A beta amyloidogenesis in HeLa cells 14
Heslin, Andrew Alzheimer’s in Drosophila Melanogaster: Testing a Model System 15
Pearson, Brooke The influence of inoculum form, age, and temperature on the viability of yeast intended for home brewing purposes 17
Soltani, Salma Isolation and Characterization of a Burkholderia tuberum Exopolysaccharide Mutant 18
Bolanos, Cheyenne Desert Tortoise and Burrowing Owl Environmental Observation 19
Vilgalys, Tauras Quantifying the Dive Behavior of Coastal Sharks 20
Siracusa, Matthew On the origin of the Hsp70-lipid interaction: the yeast and bacterial connection 21
Milbrandt, Laura Over-expression of Mutant Rheb Proteins and mTOR Signaling 22
Teran, Daniel TCTP Silencing and mTOR Signaling 23
Chan, Tracey Optimization of the Ultrasonic Vocalization Classifier to Analyze Mouse Vocalizations 25
Stanwood, Kassondra Respiratory constraints on dive times in baleen whale calves 26
Shayler, Dominic Analysis of klp-7 Gene Function in Caenorhabditis elegans Motor Neuron Function 27
Tsai, Huey-Ru Metabolic Engineering and Construction of Expression Plasmids in Zymomonas mobilis 28
Sumida, Megan A Murine Model For Equine Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis Vaccine Development 29
Plascencia, Ivett Analysis of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) Diet at CSU Channel Islands and Their Potential to Control Rodents, an Alternative to the Application of Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide. 30
Zias, Kurt Exotic VS Native Plants Compared by Percent Cover and Height at Varying Distances from Calleguas Creek 31
Sakamoto, Reid Molecular analysis of microbial populations associated with two tropical stinkbug species (Pentatomidae) 32
Castaneda, Angelica The Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in Clostridium Isolated from Horses 33
Zheng, Yuqian Psychophysical Rehabilitation and Cross-Modal Plasticity Using Visual Substitution With Audition 34
Perdomo, Jennifer The Effects of DNA Binding Proteins on Dam Processivity 35
Ortiz, Michael Excel-Based Approach for Information Retrieval and Analysis of Population Data from the California Newt, Taricha torosa 36
Stucky, Taylor S A Comparison of Leaf Mechanical Strength and Water Relations among Three Life History Types in California Chaparral 37
Del Rio, Samuel Leaf Hydraulics and Biomechanical Strength of two Evergreen Species of Chaparral Shrubs in the Family Rhamnaceae 38
Li, Lucy Wei DNA Damage in Human T cells by Human Prosthetic Ion Shedding and Debris Particles 39
Sauer, Ryan Genomic and Genetic Comparisons in Three Species of Rhamnaceae On and Off Serpentine Soil 40
Hemphill, Courtland Comparison of Angiogenic and Lymphangiogenic Cell Surface Signals in HUVECs and HLECs 41
Lim, Andrea A flow cytometry investigation into the effect of Sema3a on the angiogenic signaling cascade of VEGF-A 42
Bach, Thuy Effect of Glyburide on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Development 43
Mercado, Rocio Mechanistic Studies of Fluorinated Cobaloximes 44
Lopez, Tyler Synthesis, Characterization and the Reactivity of Transition Metal Schiff-base Complexes: Reactivity with CT-DNA 45
Frias, Elma Investigating The Anti-tumor Mechanism of a Phenanthroline-based Drug 46
Olsen, Pauline Serum Albumin Binding Studies with Gold(III) Anticancer Compounds 47
Alexis, Foster Formation of unimolecular G-quartet from N9-modified guanine derivatives 48
Sun, Daniel Investigation into the Photosensitized Oxidation of Indole Derivatives 49
Cuadras, Margarita Re-evaluating the Aromaticity of Oxocarbon Molecules 50
Sandoval, Brittney Green Conversion of Eugenol to Isoeugenol 51
Baril, Roger Macroseepage of Light Alkanes at La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles 52
Kao, Pei-Yu Comparison of Fruit Extracts for inhibiting the Aggregation of Amyloidogenic IAPP 53
Chui, Ashley J. Aggregation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: An Investigation of the Behavior of Stathmin Aggregated in the Presence of Ficoll 70 and 1,4-Dioxane 54
Vander Wall, Allison Spacial Sensitivity and Time Dependence of Evanescent-Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy 55
Hofstra, Julie Aqueous Phase Photolysis of Succinic Acid : Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration on Product Composition 56
Benitz, Alejandro Synthesis of Water-Soluble Curcumin Analogues 57
Hernandez, Phillip Synthesis of Water-Soluble Curcumin Analogues 58
Santiago, Noemi Design and Synthesis of Water Soluble Ligands in Exploring Biphasic Catalysts 59
Zhao, Qinliang The Search of Selective Ion-Extraction Material: Metallation and Derivatization of Cyclam 60
Williams, Jessica Quantification of total and Pro-vitamin A Carotenoids from Solid Samples of Corn and Cassava Using a flatbed scanner or JPEG Images and ImageJ Software 61
Liu, Cindy The Effect of Smoking on Diabetes: Investigation of Cotinine’s Effect on Hemoglobin A1c Levels 62
Bataille, Kayte Ground Level Ozone in Camarillo, CA 63
Patterson, Eric Synthesis of N-ferrocenyl isonicotinamide and Characterization of Its Adduct with Co(salen) 64
Rienstra, Anneka Synthesis and Photophysical Characterization of sub-Stoichiometric Ruthenium-Functionalized PAMAM Dendrimers 65
Luna, Zoila Transesterification of Hypophosphorous Esters - One Step into the Synthesis of Phosphorous-based Surfactant - 66
Chavez, Kevin Electrochemical Analysis of Conducting Polymers PEDOT:PSS/PVA 67
Vendiola, Vincent Generation and Decay of High-Intensity Turbulence 68
Hoang, Kathleen Estimation of Human Pinnae Measurements through Computer Vision 69
Ramirez, Christopher Aircraft Integrated Research Vehicle Optimal Loading Test-Stand (AIRVOLT) 70
Finnegan, Austin Design and build an aquaponics 71
Sgantas, Kiara The Work of a Test Information Engineer 72
Ly, Bert Soil Quality and Urban Gardening Abstract 73
Rubalcava, Jorge Runoff Water: Woodchips Bioreactors 74
Tran, Anthony Integration of an Eye-Tracking Device with a Haptic Robot for Eye Hand Coordination Assessment 75
Allbee, Dylan Emergent Behavior in a Collection of Simple Robots 76
Meza, Miguel Preventing Carbon-Carbon Composite Disc Brakes from Oxidizing 77
Hsia, Patricia Physical and Digital Model of the San Dimas Watershed for Educational, Research, and Outreach Purposes 78
Pagenkopf, Dano Characterization of bulk gallium nitride by defect-selective wet etching 80
Vega, Eduardo Maximizing Learning from Real Earthquakes 81
Lu, Rex Gait Analysis using BCI and Multi-Sensor System 82
Peters, Casey Computer Modeling of the Princeton Micro-Combustion Experiment to Understand Extinction and Re-ignition Patterns 83
Vilimas, Kimberly Mathematical Modeling Interactions Between Human and Fish Populations: A Bio-Economic Approach 84
Alvarez, Nadia Radiotherapy and Solid Tumor Growth 85
Ortiz, Brayan Predicting the Presence of Multiple Sclerosis Using Semantic Categories and Logistic Regression 86
Perez, Ismael Modeling the Bacteriophage Lambda Site Specific Recombination through a Perturbed System of Linear Differential Equations 87
Chang, Jenny Robust Statistical Modeling of Neuronal Intensity Rates 88
Galvez, Reina A Multivariate Statistical Inference for the Analysis of Neuronal Spiking Rates 89
Espinosa, Ivan New Observations and Data on M&m Sequences 90
Hartmann, Kelly Model Analysis in Proof Schemes 91
Morrow, Ross Simple Feed-Forward Networks with Complicated Dynamics 92
Davenport, Jenny The Relationship between Actuarial Mathematics and Auto Insurance 93
Isi, Maximiliano Distinguishing Polarizations in Continuous Gravitational Waves 94
Sanchez, Carlos Differences in the Magnetic Susceptibility of UCu3.95Ni1.05 due to Grinding 95
Fleetwood, Matthew The Photovoltaic Effect as a Function of Irradiance, Temperature and Load 96
Sirdesai, Mihir Coanda Principles for Giant Efficiency Enhancements in Cooling Computers 97
Magallon, Louis Electrical Response of Chemiluminescent Materials 98
Block, Landon An Unusual Effect: Thermal Transpiration in Crookes’ Radiometer 99
Smith Jr., Earl Minimization of Initial Launch Weight using OTIS 100
Garcia, Abraham Fuel Cell Degradation Analysis 101
Gallagher, Margaret A Bicyclist's View of Los Angeles: Remapping the city using Situationist theories of dérive 102
Erhart, Aubree Individual Differences in Young Children’s Evaluations of Emotional Events 103
Aylward, Richard Exploring the Impact of iPad Integration in the Classroom on a Professor’s Pedagogy 104
Trindle, Theadora Reclaiming the Urban Alley: An Investigation into Hollywood's East Cahuenga Pedestrian Alley's Impact on Community Development 105
Poblete, Sarah The Effects of the Revised WIC Package on Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Behaviors of California WIC Mothers 107
Utevsky, Elinor Geochemical signatures of Pacific-North American plate boundary transition, southern California 109
Ting, Ethian Paper or E-Paper: In Search for the Optimum Medium for Study 110
Lyons, Matthew Supporting Humanitarian Intervention: The Influence of Age and Generation on Public Opinion 111
Nadalsky, Dana Developing Countries’ Third Wheel 112
Hwang, Kyung (Esther) The Influence of Parent-Child Attachment on Children’s Understanding of Emotional Events 113
Atiganyanun, Sarun Improvement of a model for seismic noise generated by sediment transport in rivers 114
Ayers, Jessica Aggression and Facial Morphology: Violent Criminal Activity Linked To Larger Width-to-Height Ratios in Criminal Mugshots 115
Shepherd, Abigail An Investigation of Targeted Mindfulness on Self Report Gratitude in College Students 116
Peraza, Sarah Unpredictable Maternal Behavior during Infancy Predicts Toddler Emotional Development 117
Oceguera, Belen We Say “No” to Intimate Partner Violence, but Do We Recognize It? 118
Beckmann, Blake Motivation Processes and Psychosocial Adjustment of University Students: An Analysis of Cultural Differences 119
Hernandez, Gina R. Self-Esteem, Oppression, and Life Satisfaction as Predictors of Internet Addiction 120
Limon, Ciara Perception of Infants, Children, and Adolescents in Distress, Emotional Processing, and Altruism 121
Keshavarzian, Neggin An Analysis of Emotional Processing in Natural Sciences vs. Humanities and Social Sciences University Students 122
Schubert, Amara Self-Esteem and Social Functioning in Natural Sciences vs. Humanities and Social Sciences University Students 123
Munoz, Jaime A. Comparative Study of Grief Intensity in Bereaved Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins 124
Basquez, Neomi The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Well-Being. 125
Marroquin, Sandra The Significance of Forgiveness in the Experience of Hope 126
Prendergast, Desiree The Relationship between Entitlement, Age, Gender, and Well-being 127
Campbell, Brooke The Significance of Trust in the Experience of Well-being and Hope 128
Buechler, Kevin A Biomechanical Comparison of Cycling Sprint Positions and Its Effect on Lower Body Kinematics 129
Hamedani, Bahar Kinetic Knee Differences During a Drop Vertical Jump onto Different Surfaces 130
Chin, Joseph Mechanisms Causing Myogenic and Reactive Dilation in Rat Soleus Feed Arteries 131
Horney, Rhonna The Movement of Bullying 132